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Friday, December 27, 2019

The 2020 Xepherus Reads Reading Challenge

Hello, Fellow Book Worms and Book Dragons,

   Welcome to the 2020 Xepherus Reads Reading Challenge Have fun choosing your books and enjoy reading in 2020!

  •  Choose a book for each category. No need to go in numeric order; take each challenge in any order that you wish.
  •  Once read, add the book to your list. You may also read books, not in a category. There is a place below to add them. A running total is displayed at the beginning of the reading challenge. 
  • Share your challenge on social media, and let your friends know just how much fun you are having reading. Maybe you will encourage your friends to read more.

Challenge dates are January 1, 2020, to

December 31, 2020

Book Challenge books read: (0/50)

Books Read Not In a Category: (00)

Total Books Read: (00)

Updated 00/00/0000

 Xepherus Reads Challenge categories (in alphabetical order):

                                    Happy Reading!

  1. A book club book-
  2. A book by a deceased author-
  3. A book featuring the paranormal-
  4. A book featuring time travel-  
  5. A book over 400 pages-
  6. A book over 500 pages- 
  7. A popular book you have never read-
  8. A book published in 2019-
  9. A book published in 2020-
  10. A book purchased at a book fair-
  11. A book randomly chosen-
  12. A book read on vacation-
  13. A book recommendation- 
  14. A book read during a Christmas Readathon-
  15. A book read during a Halloween Readathon-
  16. A book read during a Spring Readathon-
  17. A book read during a Summer Readathon-
  18. A book set in another country-
  19. A book set in space-
  20. A book that a popular movie was based on-
  21. A book under 200 page-
  22. A book under 300 pages-
  23. A book with a number in its title-
  24. A book where the people on the cover have their backs turned to the viewer-
  25. A book with magic in it
  26. A book with monsters in it-
  27. A book with red, white, and blue on the cover- 
  28. A book written in the first-person narrative-
  29. A book you borrowed from the library-
  30. A book you chose based on its cover-
  31. A comic book-
  32. A contemporary novel-
  33. A crime novel-
  34. A favorite childhood book-
  35. A Goodreads 2019 Choice Award winner-
  36. A graphic novel or trade paperback-
  37. A Great American Read nominated book-
  38. A horror novel-
  39. A middle-grade book-
  40. A mystery novel-
  41. A political thriller-
  42. A science-fiction book-
  43. A young adult novel-
  44. An audiobook-
  45. An historical fiction novel-
  46. Book 1 in a trilogy-
  47. Book 2 in a trilogy-
  48. Book 3 in a trilogy-
  49. The last book of a series-
  50. The latest release from your favorite author-

  Books not in any category:


   I look forward to begin filling in my own list. And I would love to hear some of your choices for this Reading Challenge. Feel free to comment below. Have fun and feel free to share with your friends.

Have fun reading this week. Let me know in the comments below what you are reading this week.

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  1. I didn't do so great last year with reading but plan on doing much more reading this year. I want to keep trying audio books and new authors/genres. And finally read the books I have been holding onto for years! I accept your reading challenge but will try to read 150 books this year. Happy reading!!

  2. It sounds like you are off to a great start. Good luck and feel free to share your progress.